• The Silk Road and Mongolia...

    We specialize in expeditions through Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Mongolia and China. With over 20 years adventure travel expertise, our Silk Road overland trips are designed to be the ultimate in nomadic experiences. With smaller groups and well-paced itineraries – we give you more time to enjoy each & every place we visit.

  • Silk Road Overland Adventures...

    Endeavour Overland are Silk Road adventure travel experts. Join us on a trip of a lifetime to travel in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the ancient Silk Route. We explore historic cities and awe-inspiring landscapes. Contact us to find out more.

  • Taking a year out.....

    Looking for something different to do on your Gap Year? Our epic overland journeys through Central Asia and China are the ultimate in adventure travel experiences. Contact us to receive your student discount when booking any overland tour.

  • Discover the Silk Road to China...

    Our overland adventures through Central Asia, Mongolia and China, You will get you off the beaten track so you can experience the "real" Asia. From wild bush camps and local hotels to historic cities and awe-inspiring mountain landscapes, each trip is crammed full of incredible travel experiences.

  • Discounts for groups of 4 or more

    Got a group of intrepid travelers with itchy feet? Interested in a stunning adventure through Central Asia, India or China on our purpose built truck. Contact us for a discount on any of our Silk Road overland expeditions... 


  • Life-changing adventures ...

    At Endeavour Overland, we specialise in adventurous expeditions through Asia, crossing into China and Mongolia. With a good balance between stunning wild bush camping, comfortable hotels and guest houses, smaller groups and a slower pace our trips are designed to be the ultimate in nomadic experiences.

Ultimate Silk Road Expedition 

An awesome 15 week journey through the historically and culturally rich regions of Turkey & Iran, Central Asia, Mongolia and China.
Traveling overland allows us the freedom to visit “the places in between” some of the most enigmatic cities and sites along the Silk Road.  This unique adventure captures the essence of Overlanding with a balanced mix of hotels and some of the most amazing bush camping in breath-taking wildernesses.  We’ll visit all the best sites and still have time to explore the lesser known and harder to reach places. We're also likely to make friends with some amazing people along the way. This is no ordinary Overland Tour.  We travel in a nomadic style, with a more relaxed time frame and in many ways similar to that of the original Silk Road travelers.

Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Endeavour overland Silk road overland truck camping

Turkey and Iran Explorer

Endeavour overland silk road Iran

This 26 day Adventure, Explores some great highlights of Turkey before heading into Iran to emerge ourselves into a truly unique culture.

From Stunning blue tiled mosques, fabulous markets to ancient sites Iran has it all.  We'll find out more about Shia Islam and the Zoroastrian faith which is still practiced. Meeting  the super hospitable people of this fascinating region of the world. 



Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Central Asia Explorer

Endeavour overland central Asia overland

In 21 days we are able explore the highlights of the Central Asian Silk road.

Visiting historic culturally rich cities and then enjoying the contrast of deserts, mountains and lakes with small groups and enough time to explore. 





Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Trans Mongolia Explorer

Endeavour overland mongolia overland

This 52 Day Overland expedition takes us through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and explores the Silk Road cities and Deserts of western China before heading into one of the great wildernesses of the world, Mongolia.

We'll cross deserts, grasslands and mountains taking in some beautiful and remote sites. Visiting Buddhist monasteries and passing through Genghis Khans old capital city before heading to the modern hub of Ulaanbataar. Journeying South to China visiting Datong caves and walking the great wall before ending in Beijing. 

Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Classic Silk Road Expedition

Our 13 week Classic Silk Road expedition follows the Silk Road from Beijing, through Western China to Central Asia before exploring Iran and finally Turkey. Our adventure explores the many cultures and historic sites at a slower pace. There's a good balance between camping in the wilderness and hotel stays in famous cities. 

Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Endeavour overland camping on the silk road

China Silk Road Explorer

Endeavour overland china overland the great wall of china in Beijing

Join us as we explore some of the most famous sites in China. Including a walk on the Great wall and the Terracotta warriors. Plus cultural and historic centres of Xiahe and the Silk Road cities of Dunhuang, Turpan and Kashgar. Taste great, varied & unusual foods and visit some of the best markets in Asia. This along with the culture and Chinese peoples combine to make this a great overlanding trip. 


Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Create your own trip

Endeavour overland turkey and Iran overland

All the Explorer trips on this site are elements of longer Overland expeditions and as such can link together to form a trip to fit Your personal interests. Click on this tab for some ideas. 





Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip

Tibet Explorer

Endeavour overland Tibet overland

This 14 day trip starts in Beijing and can be linked to any of our trips starting and ending in Beijing. We fly to Lhasa where we travel by bus visiting magical monasteries and experiencing the unique culture. You can expect stunning scenery and including a night at Everest base camp. 

This is a great trip culminating in a train journey crossing the Roof of the world back to Beijing. 


Ultimate Silk Road Overland Trip
Endeavour Overland is an independent travel company offering unique in depth overland adventure tours. We travel along the ancient Silk Road and through Turkey, Central Asia, Mongolia and China.
With over 20 years combined adventure travel experience, co-founders Nick Fulford and Adam Lowe started Endeavour Overland because they wanted to share their passion for Asia, the Silk Route and this unique style of travel with like-minded adventurers.
We've designed our Silk Road Overland to push the boundaries of adventure travel; with itineraries designed to get you off the beaten track at a slower pace whilst including all the 'must see highlights'. Smaller groups allow for more flexibility, spontaneity and time to explore. ( Maximum 18 persons). Our published itineraries represent the minimum of what can be achieved on our adventures and there is always some surprises along the way too. 
And it's not just our trips that make us different. When you join us on an Endeavour Overland trip you'll be traveling with one of our experienced and passionate expedition leaders. We have traveled extensively through Asia for over a decade and there are very few leaders with as much experience in this area.
Then there's our spacious 20 seat Mercedes Benz overland truck, custom-built to meet the specific challenges of traveling through the stunning but challenging landscapes of Central Asia, Mongolia and China - fitted with the very best camping equipment and kit.
Endeavour Overland - Your Adventure Awaits...
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