• The Silk Road and Mongolia...

    We specialize in expeditions through Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Mongolia and China. With over 20 years adventure travel expertise, our Silk Road overland trips are designed to be the ultimate in nomadic experiences. With smaller groups and well-paced itineraries – we give you more time to enjoy each & every place we visit.

  • Silk Road Overland Adventures...

    Endeavour Overland are Silk Road adventure travel experts. Join us on a trip of a lifetime to travel in the footsteps of Marco Polo along the ancient Silk Route. We explore historic cities and awe-inspiring landscapes. Contact us to find out more.

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    Looking for something different to do on your Gap Year? Our epic overland journeys through Central Asia and China are the ultimate in adventure travel experiences. Contact us to receive your student discount when booking any overland tour.

  • Discover the Silk Road to China...

    Our overland adventures through Central Asia, Mongolia and China, You will get you off the beaten track so you can experience the "real" Asia. From wild bush camps and local hotels to historic cities and awe-inspiring mountain landscapes, each trip is crammed full of incredible travel experiences.

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    Got a group of intrepid travelers with itchy feet? Interested in a stunning adventure through Central Asia, India or China on our purpose built truck. Contact us for a discount on any of our Silk Road overland expeditions... 


  • Life-changing adventures ...

    At Endeavour Overland, we specialise in adventurous expeditions through Asia, crossing into China and Mongolia. With a good balance between stunning wild bush camping, comfortable hotels and guest houses, smaller groups and a slower pace our trips are designed to be the ultimate in nomadic experiences.

An Introduction to Endeavour Overland

After careers in agriculture and engineering, I took the bold step in 1999 to embark on a new career in Adventure travel. I trained for 8 months with Encounter Overland, who at the time were regarded within the industry as setting the benchmark in Overland Expeditions. During training I used my engineering skills to help develop and build a new generation of Overland Expedition Vehicle.

I started working for Exodus in 2001 and rapidly became a Senior Expedition leader. During my 8 yrs with Exodus I Led trips in China, India, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America delivering and pushing the boundaries of their adventurous Overland Expeditions.

What excites me about Overlanding is the lifestyle of living and travelling in a small community, visiting different countries and making friends all over the world. Introducing people of my own culture to people and places of another, often beyond what’s advertised on websites and published itineraries.

For the last few years I have been working as a freelance tour leader for Oasis Overland and Kumuka as well as working as a consultant on a documentary filming trip of original ‘Trans Asia’ route. I worked with Adam in 2002 and share the same overlanding philosophy with a desire for smaller groups, more time and a big enough budget to really deliver the trip of a lifetime, and we feel that Endeavour Overland is our opportunity to deliver exactly that.

My name is Adam Lowe or as my friends like to call me Big Ad (I am 6 foot 6 tall!) I spent most of my youth working as a car and truck mechanic for several large well-known companies, one of which was Mercedes Benz. I also spent time working as an adventure Centre manager in Ireland teaching children and young adults all manner of outdoor activities.

My real passion though, is for overland travel. Having worked in the overland industry for over 10 years, there is nothing I like more than taking my groups on life changing expeditions. Having worked for the original overland company “Encounter Overland” where I ran the expeditions on my own, I then worked for Exodus Overland as a Senior Expedition Leader. I had the responsibility of training new leaders on the road. I specialized in long haul trips on all 3 continents but my love has always been for Asia. This is where I met co-founder of Endeavour Overland, Nick Fulford and where we first worked together in China and Nepal. I also worked for Dragoman in their U.K base as the workshop manager, where I was responsible for carrying out full truck rebuilds and getting them ready for departure and also training the new crew in mechanics and all things truck related.

In recent years I have taken a career break to drive with my wife and our trusty Landrover from our home here in the U.K through Eastern Europe and Russia, down into central Asia – on to Mongolia – then home via Turkey and Syria and Jordan.

I am excited to be able to channel my skills and passions in to Endeavour Overland and I think you should join us on one of our expeditions because we offer life changing, overland expeditions in small groups taking the road less traveled!

My name is Vicky Birghall, and I make up the last part of the team here at Endeavour Overland.

In a previous existence i was a trained chef, and having worked in the industry for over 15 years that's enabled me to be fairly familiar with not only unusual hours & demanding situations but strange foods and cooking under pressure!
I think friends & family would struggle to describe me, but I am a good listener with a passionate nature and a can-do attitude.

In recent years I have taken a career break to drive with my husband and our trusty Landrover from our home here in the U.K through Eastern Europe and Russia, down into central Asia – on to Mongolia – then home via Turkey and Syria and Jordan.

I am truly passionate about travel, in particular this Overland style, and i feel there is a lot to be gained by traveling in this way. The interaction with local people, due to passing through the tiniest of towns & villages, alongside using local facilities such as the markets and hammams, means we interact with people during their daily lives. This enables us to engage with them in a really unique way.

I warn you though, the daily changing landscapes, variety of places to stay, unexpected friendships, & rolling rota of countries can become addictive!!
Come with us on our next Endeavour Overland expedition, and push the boundaries of adventure!!

We specialise in long, truck based overland journeys in Asia. Travelling in a nomadic way, we get to experience the places and meet the people in between all the famous sites and cities. For us Overlanding is a ‘lifestyle’ that we are inviting you experience. There’s a good chance such a journey will change you forever. We don’t aim to be the cheapest, but the best.

At Endeavour we run our adventures in an exploratory style with enough time over the journey to enjoy the many highlights and the flexibility to be spontaneous as much as possible. During the trip we will have group meetings on a regular basis (usually daily) where we discuss openly the itinerary and the best way to achieve everyone’s goals.

The inclusive nature of our trip means that you get to do and see all of the best highlights without having to worry about missing anything cool or the costs racking up. You can be confident of not missing out on places that you will have read about or dreamed of visiting. We also leave plenty of time for you to explore at leisure or simply hang out with the locals in tea houses and bazaars.

Camping is an important element in all overland expeditions but we believe that doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We not only boast the best Camping equipment in the industry but we take great pride in our ability to find the most stunning and interesting places to camp, from camping under the stars to some fun and funky campsites or home stays.

At least 60% of nights are spent in comfortable accommodation (hotels, guesthouses, home stays and even boats). This means that when it comes to visiting the towns and cities, then we are already right in the thick of it and ready to make the most of our time.

Participation is an important part of the Overlanding culture, and because we all working as a team this adds to the overall experience. Everyone takes a turn cooking and cleaning so it never becomes a chore. On the contrary most overlanders look forward to their chance to go shopping in the local markets, this is where you often meet some of the most interesting characters and have some amazing experiences. Cooking itself is a social affair with plenty of hands available, not forgetting your experienced crew who have lived this life for years, we won’t just sit back and watch you if you’re struggling, after all we like to eat well too.

Group Dynamics are crucial to the whole enjoyment for everyone. We have a huge wealth of experience in leading groups on many successful adventures. We are always looking for ways to improve the expeditions we run and have an open mind to new ideas. We are expert in sniffing out new places and experiences, often beyond the brochures and guidebooks.

We run all our trips with 2 leader drivers, not only does this give us the added safety of not having to drive excessive hours but can give us added flexibility and because both of us are experienced mechanics so you can be assured that our truck is well maintained and the likelihood of frustrating breakdown related delays is kept to a minimum.

A typical day begins with a hearty breakfast - If camping this will be prepared by the cook group for that day and could be anything from a full cooked breakfast to fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt, even beans on toast is possible.

On driving days we will head out fairly early often taking in stunning scenery. We’re happy to stop for pictures regularly and to stretch our legs. We’ll probably stop in an interesting town or village in order to stock up on fresh food supplies for the next day or so. Lunch will be in the form of a picnic prepared again by our cook group and might be freshly made sandwiches, soup or maybe pasta , it’s up to you. Where possible we might stop at a roadside cafe and try the local specialties.

We might stop in the afternoon and explore a site or just to play in some sand dunes. In the early evening we will find a beautiful place to camp. We try to make camp early enough to allow us to explore our surroundings, get camp set up and dinner on the go. Maybe we’ll have a barbeque, pot roast or pasta dish. It all depends on what we found in the local market.

We’ll build a camp fire, eat and enjoy star gazing or just chat about all the wonderful experiences we’re having, looking forward to another great day on the road.

When in town and cities we’re hotel based. We’ll kick off these stops with a city tour or site tour to get you orientated as you’ll have plenty of free time to wander off and explore. This could mean trawling round the market or sitting in a teahouse playing backgammon and chatting with the hospitable people found all over Asia. You will have time to visit some of the more specialist sites and museums that suit your interests as well.

We’ll always be around to give you ideas and might even throw a surprise into the mix from time to time!

Endeavour Overland is a small independent company which specialises in Asian overland adventure travel. We take a slower pace, veering a little off the beaten track with an open mind as to the best route.

We take fewer passengers - up to a maximum of 18 - which means you will be travelling in a small group of like minded people. We pride ourselves on the more inclusive nature of our trips with the majority of sights and entrance fees included.

We are owner-operated and as such this reflects in the level of care and attention to detail you can expect throughout your journey with us. We love what we do and are looking forward to welcoming you on our next adventure!

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